19 Jan 2020

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Market News

E.g., 19/01/2020
E.g., 19/01/2020
16 Jan 2020 -
General Administration of Customs of China has released China soybean import preliminary statistics
15 Jan 2020 - Lima, Peru
Today the Ministry of Production officially decreed by ministerial resolution N° 015-020-PRODUCE the end of the second fishing season 2019 for the Northern central zone.
08 Jan 2020 - Imarpe, Peru
Total Fishing of North & Center 2019 2nd Fishing Season from 6 Nov – 6 Jan 2020 is 1,004,115 mt (36.04%)
08 Jan 2020 - Reuters, Beijing
China will not increase its annual low-tariff import quotas for corn, wheat and rice to accommodate stepped-up purchases of farm goods from the United States, senior agriculture official Han Jun said on Tuesday,
06 Jan 2020 - Lima, Peu
Workers of the fishing companies Copeinca and CFG paralyzed their work at the pier of the Malabrigo port, in La Libertad, to demand the second season of anchovy fishing due to the high incidence of this species in juvenile state and the lack of marine resources in the North center of the Peruvian sea.
06 Jan 2020 - Imarpe, Peru
Total Fishing of North & Center 2019 2nd Fishing Season from 6 Nov – 2 Jan 2020 is 995,029 mt (35.72%)
04 Jan 2020 - Lima, Peru
Before the warming produced by the Kelvin waves and the weak presence of the South Pacific anticyclone, which has varied the distribution of the anchovy resource, the Ministry of Production (Produce), through Imarpe, begins a scientific exploration today.
30 Dec 2019 - Reuters
China’s agriculture ministry said on Monday it plans to issue biosafety certificates to a domestically grown, genetically modified (GM) soybean crop and two corn crops, in a move toward commercializing GM grain production in the world’s top market.
24 Dec 2019 - Reuters
China's customs said on Tuesday that it has allowed imports of Distillers' dried grains from Bulgaria.
17 Dec 2019 - Reuters, Chicago
Tyson Foods Inc received approval from U.S. and Chinese authorities to export American poultry to China from all 36 of its U.S. processing plants and expects to begin taking orders early next year, a chief supply chain officer for the company said.