30 Jun 2022

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From China License registration/ renewal, regulation, trading consulting services, market information research and analysis to annual conference, ChinaFeedOnline.com is professional working as your China Desk.

TWO types of membership plans available:

A - News membership

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  • The information provided in the account and newsletters is crucial for overseas suppliers to make decision, to plan and to trade in China feed market.

B - Global membership

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  • China Regulation Consulting (including License & Trading)
  • MOA China License new registration / renewal / alternation
  • AQSIQ establishment list set up advisory
  • CNCA Filing advisory

Members Benefits

Once being CFO members, when you sign up CFO marketing activities, you could enjoy the members’ discounted rate

China Fishmeal/ Fish oil Association Conference ( CFFA since 2001 )

CFFA representing more than 90% Chinese fishmeal importers, users, traders in Chinese market. This is a join conference of CFFA & CFO on Fishmeal /Fish oil and Protein ingredients.

CFO Spring - China Feed Ingredients Conference

Topics are covering the hottest imported feed ingredients including Animal protein (PBM/ MBM) , Marine protein ( Fishmeal, shrimp meal, fish oil), Agriculture (Canola meal/SBM/DDGs/SPC), Completed Feed (Fish feed, Petfood) & Government policies update.

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