18 Dec 2018

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Weekly Report

E.g., 18/12/2018
E.g., 18/12/2018
17 Dec 2018 - Hammersmith
All the talk about China this week did its best to get prices rallying but this didn’t happen – both soybeans and soymeal were lower on the week as the sales to China were not at all spectacular. As the say in the UK, the soybean sales to China were just a “damp squib” – which means that there was just no bang in the sale........please click PDF to see more details
17 Dec 2018 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash market would be slightly under prevention by…..
11 Dec 2018 - CFO Exclusive
High fishing achievement keeps reducing RMB……
10 Dec 2018 - Hammersmith
So, how did we end up the week – well, corn prices were up by about USD 3 to 4 m/t while soybeans jumped higher by USD 8 to 10 m/t – winter wheat too had an up week moving USD 4 to 6 m/t higher. Much of the running and jumping in the market this week was totally tied to the US/China situation and stories/rumors/guesses about what was actually happening or about the meaning of the announcements regarding US/China discussions.....please click PDF to see more details
03 Dec 2018 - Hammersmith
The grain and oilseed markets finished the week on the strong side with most prices for corn, soybeans and wheat showing a little rally on Friday – was this the G20 meeting rally. Corn prices finished the week up by just USD 3-4 m/t higher with soybeans up by closer to USD 5 m/t and soymeal up by USD 3 to 5 m/t. US winter wheat was also up on the week – from USD 3 to 6 m/t higher.......please see click PDF to see more details
03 Dec 2018 - CFO Exclusive
Record high fishmeal stockpiles slow down RMB cash trend……
27 Nov 2018 - CFO Exclusive
Swine disease keeps reducing breeding but slowing down RMB…
26 Nov 2018 - Hammersmith
This week’s report is a little shorter than normal due to the holidays in the US – both Thursday and Friday for many organizations and reporting services – updated information is minimal from the US this week. But then, on a holiday week not too much seems to happen...........please click PDF to see more details
19 Nov 2018 - Hammersmith
The USA has their Thanksgiving holiday later in the week, so the coming week will probably be a quiet week. For last week there wasn’t a great deal of market excitement – only a great many people talking about and guessing about the US/China trade situation. The soybean market did have some rallies and drops this week as rumors and speculation regarding China kept changing – rallies were on trade settlement rumors then dips.......please click PDF to see more details
19 Nov 2018 - CFO Exclusive
Swine fever low aquatic breeding, China stockpiles, and plus the full swing fishing …