21 Feb 2019

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Weekly Report

E.g., 21/02/2019
E.g., 21/02/2019
18 Feb 2019 - Hammersmith
Monday is a holiday in the US so the week should start off quietly – market also ended the week quietly as everyone squared up their positions for the three-day weekend. On the week, corn prices were unchanged while soybeans dropped by about USD 3 m/t with winter wheat the big loser dropping USD 5 or 6 m/t........please click PDF to see more details
18 Feb 2019 - CFO Exclusive
Live pig cuts nearly 20% of breeding from a year earlier based on….
12 Feb 2019 - Hammersmith
It is certainly nice to have some USDA reports being issued once again but the WASDE report out this week was not an exciting and earth-shattering report. Just a nice quiet report that seemed to confirm all the numbers that the trade had been expecting........please click PDF to see more details
11 Feb 2019 - CFO Exclusive
Eyeing on how fast FM stockpiles gain up at main ports after …..
04 Feb 2019 - Hammersmith
Looking at where prices in the US finished the week one could say that it seemed to be a quiet week. Of course, there are always some exciting moments in the business during the week but when you finish off the week mostly unchanged or only with slight prices changes than it has been an overall quiet week. There was a lot of speculation about the US/China trade problems and how close they are to being solved. China is now expected to be in the market for soybeans, corn and wheat in coming days but exactly where will they buy their supplies......please click PDF to see more details
29 Jan 2019 - CFO Exclusive
Swine disease would keep impact after Chinese New Year…….
28 Jan 2019 - Hammersmith
Well, the news at the end of the week is that the US Government shutdown is over, for at least three weeks, it will be great to once again get all the USDA services and reports that we count on every day. Let’s hope that the three weeks extends into a 100% end to the shutdown................please click PDF to see more detials
21 Jan 2019 - Hammersmith
Another week goes by with very limited grain/oilseed information coming from the USDA – amazing how dependent on this information that we have all become. Looking at the week, as it ended on Friday, there were not any major changes in US grain prices – soybeans ........please see PDF to see more details
21 Jan 2019 - CFO Exclusive
Fishmeal stockpiles keep reducing ahead of Chinese New Year…..
15 Jan 2019 - CFO Exclusive
China live pig and aquatic keep reducing in terms of slowing down feeds…..