19 Aug 2019

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Weekly Report

E.g., 20/08/2019
E.g., 20/08/2019
19 Aug 2019 - Hammersmith
So, this was USDA WASDE week and the market certainly did react – corn price dropped by about USD 15 m/t, soybeans down by just about USD 5 m/t with soymeal close to USD 5 m/t lower, winter wheat was down by USD 9 to 10 m/t with spring wheat down by close to USD 5 m/t. Farm gate prices are said to be down even further than export and futures prices.........please click PDF to see more details
13 Aug 2019 - CFO Exclusive
Live pig breeding shown annual low of feed output in….
12 Aug 2019 - Hammersmith
With the USDA WASDE report coming up on Monday, market participants were being quite careful in what they were buying or selling. Corn prices were up a little on the week but there was nothing much in the market (except WASDE worries) to push market prices around.
06 Aug 2019 - CFO Exclusive
Currency issue would shortly backup RMB cash trend while China ….
05 Aug 2019 - Hammersmith
These days I seem to be talking about lower prices every week and this week is no different. Corn prices slipped by about USD 6 to 8 m/t while soybeans dropped by at least USD 12 m/t and soymeal was off by about USD 11 m/t. Even US winter wheat was down by about USD 5 m/t – but not much happened to spring wheat prices.......please click PDF to see more details
30 Jul 2019 - CFO Exclusive
The two key breeding industries reduce 9% and 19% separately from …
29 Jul 2019 - Hammersmith
This week was another week of slipping prices for almost everything --- US corn was down by between USD 4 and 5 m/t with soybeans down by about USD 7 m/t and soymeal don by USD 8 to 9 m/t. Wheat prices too were a little weaker with prices moving between USD 2 and 5 m/t lower...........please click PDF to see more details
23 Jul 2019 - Hammersmith
Well, it was a down week this week with corn prices dropping by USD 8 to 10 m/t, soybeans down by about USD 4 m/t, soymeal down by USD 4 m/t and winter wheat down by USD 8 to 11 m/t while US spring wheat dropped by close to USD 5 m/t. Actually, the prices at the end of the week would have been lower but for a sudden rally on Friday pushed all grains and oilseeds up on the day...........please click PDF to see more details
22 Jul 2019 - CFO Exclusive
China live pig keeps weak to reduce soybean import during ……
15 Jul 2019 - CFO Exclusive
The piling up stockpiles would reduce RMB cash trend during ….