26 Oct 2021

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Weekly Report

E.g., 26/10/2021
E.g., 26/10/2021
22 Mar 2021 - Hammersmith
US corn, soybeans and soymeal had a strong finish to the week that turned a down week into an up week. However, US wheat was stuck with a down week. US soybeans rallied about USD 9 m/t of Friday after a lower week and finished off almost unchanged on the week, but soymeal did finish off higher by almost USD 8 m/t. After a USD 7 m/t rally on Friday, corn prices ended the week about USD 5 m/t higher. US winter wheat was the loser on the week dropping between USD 5 and 7 m/t.......please click PDF to see more details
16 Mar 2021 - CFO Exclusive
Stockpiles at ports would be keeping up to reduce cash ……
15 Mar 2021 - Hammersmith
So, here we are just after USDA WASDE week and we see prices lower for most everything. Soymeal was the weakest item this week dropping by USD 18 m/t for May futures. Soybeans were down by about USD 7 m/t with corn for May only being down by about USD 3 m/t. US hard red winter wheat was down by USD 8 m/t with US spring wheat down by USD 3 or 4 m/t. ......please click PDF to see more details
09 Mar 2021 - CFO Exclusive
Highly expectation at fishmeal demand during earlier spring activity…
08 Mar 2021 - Hammersmith
Once again this week, soybeans were the price leader with markets moving higher by about USD 10 m/t. All US grains and oilseeds finished the week strongly – perhaps in anticipation of the USDA WASDE report next week with Friday being an up day for prices on most everything........please click PDF to see more details
02 Mar 2021 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash market would go up if cargoes from Peru remain tight ….
01 Mar 2021 - Hammersmith
US soybeans were up in price again this week -- by about USD 8 to 10 m/t – but the last two days of the week were very up and down in prices with the range on some days being USD 10 to 12 m/t. Just like the soybean market can’t decide what to do. China and South America are the main drivers of the soybean/soymeal markets with concern of China’s consumption......please click PDF to see more details
23 Feb 2021 - CFO Exclusive
Accumulating up FM stockpiles at China ports would soon ease ….
22 Feb 2021 - Hammersmith
Ah weather, weather, weather, weather --- quite a shock to all the folks in the southern USA as winter storms closed in an shut most everything down. The USDA issued its first 2021 forecasts through the Ag Forum that was held this week .......please click PDF to see more details
15 Feb 2021 - Hammersmith
This week was the USDA-WASDE report week and a week heading into a three day weekend in the US ---- perhaps the markets should have been very exciting, but they weren’t........