28 Feb 2021

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Weekly Report

E.g., 28/02/2021
E.g., 28/02/2021
14 Jul 2020 - CFO Exclusive
Highly catching achievement could soon disadvantage RMB trend ……
13 Jul 2020 - Hammersmith
This week’s USDA WASDE report changed the market direction on Friday. Most everything had moved higher through Thursday with corn up by USD 3 m/t only to drop by about USD 3 m/t on Friday. Soybeans too had been a little through Thursday but ended up down USD 1 m/t on the week – soymeal ended down by about USD 4 m/t on the week.......please click PDF to see more details
06 Jul 2020 - Hammersmith
Well now, the USDA acreage report certainly kicked the market higher this week – I wonder if it will stay as bullish next week after the US holiday weekend. Corn prices increased by about USD 8 m/t with soybeans up by about........please click PDF to see more details
06 Jul 2020 - CFO Exclusive
The bigger-than-usual flood in central would further disadvantage…..
30 Jun 2020 - CFO Exclusive
Covid-19 and the recent flooding in central China reduce breeding…..
29 Jun 2020 - Hammersmith
It was another down week for grain prices in the US --- on the futures side of things, corn prices dropped by as much as USD 8 m/t, soybeans were down by USD 6 m/t or so with soymeal down by USD 4 m/t. US winter wheat was down by about USD 4 m/t while spring wheat dropped by almost USD 10 m/t........please click PDF to see more details
23 Jun 2020 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash trend keeps low though stockpiles reduce….
22 Jun 2020 - Hammersmith
Except for wheat price, commodities in the US seemed to have quite a quiet week. Corn prices were about a dollar a m/t higher with soybeans up by nearly USD 2 m/t and soymeal down by USD 2 m/t or so........please click PDF to see more details
16 Jun 2020 - CFO Exclusive
The reducing arrival cargoes give advantage to RMB cash trend…
15 Jun 2020 - Hammersmith
This week was USDA WASDE week and if you look at where prices are at the end of the week one can kind of assume that the WASDE was much of a non-event for prices. Corn, soybeans and soymeal ended the week almost unchanged with the only .......please click PDF to see more details