08 Dec 2021

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Weekly Report

E.g., 08/12/2021
E.g., 08/12/2021
22 Feb 2021 - Hammersmith
Ah weather, weather, weather, weather --- quite a shock to all the folks in the southern USA as winter storms closed in an shut most everything down. The USDA issued its first 2021 forecasts through the Ag Forum that was held this week .......please click PDF to see more details
15 Feb 2021 - Hammersmith
This week was the USDA-WASDE report week and a week heading into a three day weekend in the US ---- perhaps the markets should have been very exciting, but they weren’t........
09 Feb 2021 - CFO Exclusive
CFO’s estimation tells China live pig has supported fishmeal consumption…
08 Feb 2021 - Hammersmith
With the USDA WASDE numbers coming out next week most grain and oilseed markets – except wheat – had a very quiet week. Corn futures are close to contract highs and, even though prices didn’t do much this week, market experts still see corn being in a bull market with the potential to move higher.....please click PDF to see more details
02 Feb 2021 - CFO Exclusive
The reducing stockpiles would keep exist to support RMB till….
01 Feb 2021 - Hammersmith
Grain/oilseed prices just seem to want to move higher every week and this week was no exception – US corn prices were up by USD 14 to 18 m/t, soybean prices up by about USD 20 m/t, soymeal up by USD 10 to 12 m/t. Even wheat prices couldn’t help but move higher with winter wheat up by USD 9 to 12 and spring wheat up by USD 8 m/t........please click PDF to see more details
26 Jan 2021 - CFO Exclusive
Spawning has made season ended but nearly moving up cash market….
25 Jan 2021 - Hammersmith
So, how did the futures markets react this week: corn prices down by USD 12 to 14 m/t, soybean prices down by USD 38 to 40 m/t, soymeal down by USD 40 m/t, spring wheat down by about USD 11 m/t with winter wheat down by USD 15 for soft winter and USD 11 for hard winter. That is an impressively down week.......please click PDF to see more details
19 Jan 2021 - CFO Exclusive
The lower arrivals of fishmeal cargoes can move up and support ….
12 Jan 2021 - CFO Exclusive
China fishmeal would hardly down to RMB10,000/ton though fishing gets 11%…