15 Jul 2020

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Weekly Report

E.g., 15/07/2020
E.g., 15/07/2020
23 Sep 2019 - Hammersmith
Market prices were a little quieter this week as the market tried to recover from the WASDE report. There was little or no change in corn prices, but soybeans did drop by USD 6 m/t or so while soymeal was down by USD 7 m/t. US spring wheat prices also moved lower by about USD 6 m/t while winter wheat was up by about USD 2 m/t. ..................please click PDF to see more details
16 Sep 2019 - Hammersmith
Ah, there is nothing like a USDA WASDE week to get the blood flowing and the market excited. As the week ended, we had US soybeans up by about USD 15 m/t with soymeal following at about USD 10 m/t higher, corn prices too were up but just by USD 5 m/t or so. Soft red winter wheat was up by about USD 8 m/t with hard red winter up only USD 3 m/t........please click PDF to see more details
16 Sep 2019 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash trend has rarely moved down below RMB10,000/ton since ….
10 Sep 2019 - CFO Exclusive
There are 3 key facts keep moving down RMB cash trend in basic….
09 Sep 2019 - Hammersmith
It was a short work week in the US following the holiday last Monday but there was still time to push prices lower on the week. Looking at US futures, corn was down by about USD 5 to 6 m/t, soybeans down by USD 4 to 5 m/t, soymeal down by about USD 3 m/t. Wheat prices were steady on the week with a range of up or down a dollar a ton or so........please click PDF to see more details
03 Sep 2019 - CFO Exclusive
A tough task to prevent RMB cash trend from 300k tons of …..
02 Sep 2019 - Hammersmith
Monday is a holiday in the US so the grain markets and most business will be closed for the day. As has been said before – a three day weekend normally starts with price changes that mean nothing as buyers and sellers in the US are just evening their order books before the long weekend. Looking at how the futures markets finished the week, things seemed quite calm for corn with prices almost unchanged on the week. Soybeans did finish the week about USD 5 m/t higher.................please click PDF to see more details
26 Aug 2019 - Hammersmith
This week looked like another week being pressured by the “WASDE Effect” – US corn prices were lower by USD 8 m/t with soybeans down by USD 12+ and soymeal down by USD 10 to 12 m/t. Even winter wheat prices in the US were down by USD 6 to 8 m/t. Other than the carry over WASDE situation the US/China trade situation has not helped support prices all that much – the more everyone fights the lower prices drop.........please click PDF to see more details
26 Aug 2019 - CFO Exclusive
The reducing USD quotes and the prospective fishmeal supply would push ….
20 Aug 2019 - CFO Exclusive
China live pig cuts 32.2% of breeding size to not ease high-rising ….