03 Dec 2020

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Weekly Report

E.g., 03/12/2020
E.g., 03/12/2020
17 Feb 2020 - Hammersmith
This week is a long weekend in the US with everyone closed on Monday for Veteran’s day. On the week, corn prices were a little softer – down a couple of dollars m/t – while soybeans moved higher by about USD 3 m/t. All the wheat prices slid lower this week with US soft red winter wheat down by close to USD 6 mt while hard red winter wheat dropped by only about USD 2 m/t and spring wheat was down by close to USD 4 m/t.........please click PDF to see more details
11 Feb 2020 - CFO Exclusive
Wuhan corona virus would measurably ease RMB cash trend in ….
10 Feb 2020 - Hammersmith
Next week is WASDE week – will we be surprised or will all be as expected. There weren’t any major changes in US grain and oilseed prices this week – corn prices were about unchanged although the export price did slip a little lower. Soybeans moved about USD 3 m/t higher on the week while soymeal was steady and all wheat prices moved a dollar or two higher........please click PDF to see more details
03 Feb 2020 - Hammersmith
This week was another down week for soybeans with prices down by about USD 10 m/t. Corn prices were about unchanged on the week while US spring wheat dropped by about USD 4 m/t. Friday seemed to be a down day for most everything as the market tried to deal with the coronavirus situation, UK Brexit, US/China trade and the latest comments from President Trump on US trade.......please click PDF to see more details
28 Jan 2020 - Hammersmith
Prices were mainly a little lower this week with soybeans leading the way. Soybeans were down by about USD 10 m/t, corn was down a little – no more than a dollar or two – US spring wheat was even down, this time by about USD 4 m/t followed by hard red winter wheat that was down by about USD 3 m/t. Soft red winter wheat prices were steady at current very high levels.........please click PDF to see more details
21 Jan 2020 - CFO Exclusive
Breeding farms would stock up fishmeal though RMB shows ….
20 Jan 2020 - Hammersmith
The week finished with a bit of a bang and pushed prices up on Friday. Corn jumped by about USD 5 on Friday to finish the week up by only about USD 1 m/t. Soybeans didn’t have quite a strong a Friday and ended up the week down by about USD 6 m/t. Soymeal wasn’t quite as bad and only dropped by about USD 3 m/t. There was very little change in wheat prices, but soft red winter wheat did manage to move up by a couple of dollars m/t.......please click PDF to see more details
14 Jan 2020 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash trend up by reducing stockpiles and high juveniles….
13 Jan 2020 - Hammersmith
The first 2020 WASDE report came out on Friday and didn’t really seem to have much effect on the markets. Most trade reports say that the market had expected to actual results so that there were no serious surprises.......please clcik PDF to see more details
07 Jan 2020 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash trend keeps up while juveniles remain…..