29 Jan 2022

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Weekly Report

E.g., 29/01/2022
E.g., 29/01/2022
10 Nov 2020 - CFO Exclusive
Winter off season cannot support cash trend under such quota….
09 Nov 2020 - Hammersmith
The drop that we saw in grain prices last week ended up being just a one week price correction as the march to higher prices continue this week. Soybeans were the strongest item this week moving up by about USD 16 m/t with soymeal up by as much as USD 15 for early 2021 positions. Corn prices only moved up by USD 4 or 5 m/t with most US wheat prices moving up by close to USD 5 m/t......please click PDF to see more details
03 Nov 2020 - CFO Exclusive
The coming up fishing quota would soon determine how RMB….
02 Nov 2020 - Hammersmith
Today is day 2 of the new November COVID-19 “lockdown” in France. Most everything except for supermarkets, pharmacies are garages closed. Schools remain open since COVID rates among children are very low and people are allowed to travel to work. There are very strict limits on who can be out and about and rules are being strictly enforced. Hopefully, this drastic action will have a positive effect in reducing the current peak in COVID-19 infections........please click PDF to see more details
27 Oct 2020 - Hammersmith
As has been the recent pattern, grain and oilseed prices moved higher again this week. Corn was up by abut USD 7 m/t, soybeans up by close to USD 12 m/t, soymeal up by about USD 18 m/t, winter wheat was up by about USD 4 m/t and spring wheat jumped by USD 6 m/t.........please click PDF to see more details
27 Oct 2020 - CFO Exclusive
RMB cash trend would follow up recent up-rising quotes in…
20 Oct 2020 - CFO Exclusive
The strengthening up USD quotes would uprise market trend in…..
19 Oct 2020 - Hammersmith
COVID-19 certainly seems to be on the rampage again. Here in Europe we have seen some countries experience a doubling of new cases in a week and almost every country has new case levels higher than seen in the peak last spring. We have not seen a great deal of effect on the grain/protein business,.......please click PDF to see more details
14 Oct 2020 - CFO Exclusive
The reducing expenses at imported fishmeal absorb outstanding off-take….
12 Oct 2020 - Hammersmith
Well, the USDA WASDE report tended to get markets moving this week. Compared to the last report we had corn production down by about 1% but ending stocks down by 14%. Soybeans too had a small 1% drop in production but ending stocks were down by 37% -- a serious shock to the market. Total wheat production was almost unchanged from previous with wheat ending stocks down by 4.5%.......please click PDF to see more details