29 Jan 2022

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Weekly Report

E.g., 29/01/2022
E.g., 29/01/2022
05 Oct 2020 - Hammersmith
Another good rally in grain/oilseed prices this week with everything moving higher. Corn prices were up by USD 5 to 7 m/t, soybeans up by USD 7 or 8 m/t, soymeal up by USD 14 m/t and winter wheat up by USD 10 to 13 m/t. Only US spring wheat seemed to be able to get by with a small rally – only being up by about USD 1 m/t......please click PDF to see more details
29 Sep 2020 - CFO Exclusive
Peru returns to share 58% of monthly cargoes arrival at….
28 Sep 2020 - Hammersmith
Interesting to note that, after a week of much lower commodity prices, there are a number of very bullish expert projections in trade reports late on Friday. Nothing like a good bullish expert to help slow the slide in commodity prices. Looking at the week, corn prices were down by about USD 6 m/t while soybeans........please click PDF to see more details
22 Sep 2020 - CFO Exclusive
The relatively cheaper RMB quotes could gear up off-take ….
21 Sep 2020 - Hammersmith
A strong move higher at the end of the week resulted in most everything being higher. Soybeans and soymeal were the biggest movers with soybeans up by USD 18 to 20 m/t and soymeal up by close to USD 20 m/t. Corn was not quite as strong but still was able to move up by about USD 5 m/t.........please click PDF to see more details
15 Sep 2020 - CFO Exclusive
RMB keeps appreciating to make imported fishmeal much cheaper….
14 Sep 2020 - Hammersmith
Here we are with USDA WASDE week and, even though most experts said that it was a neutral report, market prices had quite a strong reaction. By the time that all was said and done on Friday we had old crop corn up by USD 7 or 8 m/t but only up be about USD 4 m/t for new crop.......please click PDF to see more details.
09 Sep 2020 - CFO Exclusive
To reduce landed costs to boost economic activity is essential…
08 Sep 2020 - Hammersmith
This weekend is a long holiday weekend in the US with markets closed on Monday for Labor Day. Labor Day is seen as the end of the summer in the US and Canada and the time for all children and young people to head back to school. And for most women, Labor Day is day that is end of wearing white summer slacks........please click PDF to see more details
01 Sep 2020 - CFO Exclusive
The reducing tariff resulted from appreciating RMB could move…..